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  1. How to Wrestle in Herokind! (+ bonus pro strategies)

    New to Herokind? Discover game mechanics, strategies, and attacks in this tutorial. Get ready to dominate the ring and become the Wrestle expert!

    This is your moment to shine in the arena! Gather your Kinds, plan your moves, and let the battles commence! Wrestle at 👉 https://humankind.art/wrestle


  2. Issue Resolved: Newly Minted NFTs Ready for Adventure!


    We're excited to announce that the issue with newly minted NFTs has been resolved. You can now embark on exciting adventures with your fresh NFTs without any concerns. Thank you for your patience and support. We appreciate your feedback to make our platform even better. Happy adventuring with your newly minted NFTs!

    Maya-Dallas-Running 1


  3. 📜 Introducing the Herokind Cheat Sheet!


    Attention, brave adventurers of Herokind! We're thrilled to present the long-awaited Herokind Cheat Sheet. Uncover the secrets of scoring by mastering the delicate balance between your humankind's traits, the thrilling events you encounter, and the diverse lands that shape your journey. Level up your strategy and embrace your destiny.

    cheat sheet